Best Military Watches 2020 – 2021 [UPDATED LIST]

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Best Army, Tactical, or Military Watches 2020 – 2021

Want to know about the best military watches in 2020 2021? WANT to change the style of the watch? Why not try military style?

Best tactical watches are made to meet the needs of the army. The best military watch must be tough and accurate. Armed with these two concepts, don’t hesitate to adapt the true military style.

According to the fashion beans page, currently the needs of watches for soldiers not only fulfil the tough, accurate, waterproof and waterproof elements, but also must look stylish.


This watch must of course also be resistant in any weather conditions, also be resistant to magnetic and electro static. Although the digital age has actually provided convenience at the fingertips, there are likely conservative values ​​that must be maintained. Click if you want to learn about best watches for basic training

List of Best Military / Army Watches 2020 – 2021

Here is the list of best military watches 2020 – 2021 Watches are one of them and always attached to a soldier. The toughness of the watch, although it may be less stylish than other watches, is still the target of watch enthusiasts.

Traser P66 Automatic Pro

This watch entered the ‘military service’ of America in 1989. The American military is interested in trigalight, a self-illuminating illumination technology invented by the founder of this watch factory, Oskar Thüler.

The design is simple but stylish, then easy to read clockwise, waterproof up to 300 meters and the main thing is trig-alight rays that work for 24 hours without the need for irradiation assistance. This watch is priced at more than RP. 11 million.

Bremont Argonaut 

This watch is used by the British navy, Bremont officially partnered with the Ministry of Defense to supply the needs of its personnel watches. Just information in the British military there are two official watches that are part of the needs of its troops.

For the army with the brand Broadsword and RAF (British air force) use Arrow. This watch is indeed designed for the needs of water activities close to the navy, especially diving. Unlike other watches, this clock has an inner rotating clock that makes the watch more streamlined.

The watch, which is sold at Rp. 51 million, looks very elegant to be worn on formal occasions.

Omega Seamaster 300

This watch is everyone’s dream. Not only soldiers and security agents are eyeing this watch. Omega Sea master 300 was intended for tough men like secret agents 007. The British military had made a receipt watch in 1967 to 1971 for the navy and land.

The first generation (CK2913-1) clock was made in two versions, with and without dates. This watch is sold at a price of more than Rp131 million.

Timex Expedition Ranger Solar

The US Army has made this watch as ‘official in service’ since the 1990s. Most American army personnel wear these watches.

Very popular because of its toughness and self-charging with solar energy. The price is very affordable, only Rp1.6 million.

Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical

Since the second world war, this watch factory has been supplying watches for the American navy. At that time, the Hamilton producer released around 10,000 watches for the American sailors.

The factory in Pennsylvania also produces 1 million watches for other army needs. The toughness of this watch has been proven to pass through tropical humidity, snow, rain and mud. This millennial version has DNA from previous production and is sold at Rp. 7 million. 

Vertex MP45

This watch factory had failed when producing watches for military needs at the end of the second world war. Unfortunately they were unable to meet the supply needs demanded by the war ministry at that time.

Currently Vertex still produces watches with the toughness of the past but does not leave the present style. Not surprisingly, when released at a price of Rp.63 million.

Longines Heritage Military COSD

British air forces used this watch during the second world war. This watch is made specifically for countries that have a good military footprint.

Even though it looks the same as other watches but there are parts that feel different. 24-hour pointer numbers are divided into two colors, then the rope is made of crocodile skin with white thread stitching and wrapped in 40 mm thick stainless steel. Prices are more than Rp20 million.

Radiomir California Panerai 47mm

The Italian navy uses this brand watch for its basic equipment. Then his army of frogs needed a more complete wrist watch, so Radiomir was born in 1936.

This watch became one of the best products made by Panerai. The price for this watch is around Rp120 million.

Casio G-Shock Ref. GA-150-1AER

One watch that is favored by soldiers because of its toughness. The Hollow Core Guard Structure design allows the engine not to be affected by impact and vibration. Also equipped with a shield that serves to protect the clock from magnetic fields.

Even diving can be used to a depth of 200 meters. Not enough? This clock is equipped with a five-time alarm, world clock and timer. Enough with Rp2 million someone can already use it on hand.

Breitling Aerospace Evo

This watch has been very popular with British military since it was first released in 1985. This watch expresses to others that the wearer is an important person who is carrying out the main mission. This watch has 10 times better accuracy than similar quartz watches.

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