From the depths of the ocean to your wrist: the leopard of Raketa 24

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Located in St. Petersburg on the shores of the Baltic Sea, the Raketa Watch Factory has a long and strong tradition in the production of watches for Soviet sailors and submariners. Raketa’s affinity with the ocean led him to create his latest timepiece, the Leopard 24. This is a distinct piece that is not only full of character, but also carries with it a bit physical. from its inspiration from the Akula “Leopard” class submarine.

The Akula-class submarine first entered service with the Soviet Navy in 1984 and has since grown into one of the most advanced seagoing ships in the world. Each Akula class submarine has its own name, the “Leopard K-328” being the ship that donated its metal to Raketa for the Leopard 24 watch.

The Leopard 24 was developed with the assistance of Captain Valery Dyakonov who oversaw the Leopard’s pre-launch phases, conducted its sea trials and was its first commander until 1996. The original metal of the sub – Akula class marine “Leopard L-328” was used to make the bezel, but the Leopard 24 has many distinctive details of a real submariner’s watch.

Its hands reproduce the design of the hands of the submarine’s control panels, the dial and hands are luminescent to allow submariners to read the time in the dark and there are 6 lines (in red and gray) dividing the perimeter of the dial into 6 shifts (4 hours each), allowing each submarine to count its working hours in the submarine.

The Leopard 24 is powered by Raketa’s internal caliber 2624A. It is a 24 hour automatic movement with a 40 hour power reserve. The caliber 2624A’s 24-hour display is not a new idea but a super functional one, giving submariners the ability to distinguish day from night during their long underwater missions.

Each piece will be delivered with a certificate authenticating the origin of the Leopard metal, as well as the official badge of the Leopard submarine. The Raketa Leopard 24 comes with a black leather strap as well as a spare silicone rubber strap and a branded strap change tool.

The Raketa Leopard 24 is available in a limited series of just 300 pieces and will be priced at € 1,550.

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