Mike’s Thoughts on the Fratello × Oris Big Crown Bronze Pointer Date Limited Edition

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Earlier this week, we announced the news of our very first Fratello × Oris collaboration in the form of the Big Crown Bronze Pointer Date. If you read the release you’ll know this one is near and dear to me, so I thought I’d share a few more insights on this limited edition watch.

It was in 2019 at Baselworld when I first saw the new Big Crown Pointer Date models. I was really impressed. As I mentioned before, I really appreciate how Oris manages to keep her models fresh by adding color. But Oris doesn’t just follow the trend of trends by simply adding the typical colors. Instead, they’re going in unorthodox directions that look a bit odd on paper but look amazing in person. The 40mm Pointer Date steel model with an oxblood dial is one example.

Oxblood, bordeaux, I’m a fan

Surprisingly, my love for the rich burgundy color of this Big Crown did not come from my adoration of red wine. I think it’s actually rooted in leather goods and especially in shoes. In high school and college, Doc Martens hit hard and my favorite pair was an oxblood set. Later, I traded boots for dress shoes and remember a cute pair of Bally tone “cordovan” laces that took me to countless business meetings when I lived in Detroit. These days, however, I relax with this color on a Stickley Spindle Morris recliner that happens to be in deep burgundy leather.

Creation of the original date of the Big Crown bronze pointer…

You can see I’ve always had a soft spot for beef blood, so why not just order the Steel Big Crown and call it good? There were two main reasons. First of all, I wanted a bronze watch. I have a metallurgical background and have dealt with copper a lot more than steel. The material means something to me. Second, I thought about how the case would darken and imagined it paired perfectly with that juicy dark red color. And while that wasn’t a reason to modify a watch, I also knew this Oris was so well designed that I would end up wearing it.

You have Lily how uncomfortable I was modifying my Big Crown and that Oris wasn’t convinced either. We ended up doing what most partners do during a stalemate and that meant bringing in a third party. Paul, our watchmaker, made the change and sent it to me. I still remember opening the box and the feeling was electric. It was exactly what I wanted. And then I wrote an article about it and people started to wonder how they could do the same. Should they buy two watches? Would Oris sell them or send them an additional dial as well?

Fratello Oris Big Pointer Date Bronze OG et Collab

… Created a lot of questions that now have an answer!

Being a journalist has several advantages and that meant I had the opportunity to ask Oris to get a dial. It’s not something that everyone can do and although it’s a shame, it is. But the happy ending here is that with this limited edition Fratello × Oris, we have solved the desire for a Big Crown Pointer Date in bronze made of ox blood. In my opinion, we also improved my mod. Best of all, Oris is a fiery supporter.

Oris Big Crown Bronze FW S2.009

The Fratello × Oris collaboration was a group effort

Getting the Fratello × Oris Big Crown pointer date right wasn’t as easy as my 2019 modification. The process was a lot more demanding and challenging than you might think. There are many projects under consideration and the debates have been fierce. Font choices, amount of writing, and color were all up for grabs. We wanted a solid bottom and it had to be clean. Our logo was a must, but it couldn’t dominate. The bracelets had to work with the watch and that involved choosing the leather, material and stitching. Finally, we opted for unique and assorted packaging.

Oris Big Crown Bronze Pointer Date

We focused on the details

We look at people are special people and therefore I really appreciate the differences between my modified watch and the Fratello × Oris Big Crown Pointer Date. This new dial really seems to have been designed for this case. Mine is good, but it’s really better. I also think on the leather it has a classier vibe than mine, but it relaxes well on the nylon strap.

Large crown

And kept the basic DNA of what is truly a great everyday watch

If you’ve never tried one of these 40mm Big Crown Pointer Date watches for size, it’s a smooth operator. Like so many of our readers, I spend a lot of time in a diver or chronograph. Therefore, it was refreshing for me to choose something different that falls under the catch-all kind of ‘field surveillance’. Oris has managed to come up with such a gem because the watch fits a huge range of wrist sizes without looking too big or too small. The watch can handle just about anything due to its construction, but it’s not overly sporty. It looks like a very good watch which is comfortable to wear.

Regarding the dial, I have long been a fan of the Pointer Date method because it allows the watch to maintain perfect symmetry. There’s no silly date window here and the extra hand adds a touch of sophistication. You don’t get this on a standard military-inspired field watch. The Fratello × Oris takes an already proven design, adds a gold minute track, gold writing and the watch appears. It all adds up to a watch that will be part of any owner’s normal rotation.

Oris Big Crown Bronze FW S2.013

My final thoughts on the Fratello × Oris Big Crown Bronze

Finally, one thing to remember is that the Fratello × Oris Big Crown Bronze Pointer Date is one of three color options in the 40mm bronze range. Green 80e The anniversary model is available with a regular production version with a brown dial. With our Oxblood model, we believe there is now an exciting, albeit limited, alternative.

I am proud to own # 1 of 300 pieces. It was really exciting that something that I created in my head, and later in real life, came to fruition in an enhanced form. This is something that I will carry with me for a long time. If you are considering adding one to your collection and have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comments or feel free to contact us by email. In the meantime, do not hesitate to go to our shop to find out in detail the new date of the bronze pointer Fratello × Oris Big Crown If you end up ordering one, I sincerely doubt you will regret it.

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