Timeless watch: contemporary watchmaking with a twist

It is difficult to find intriguing and original timepieces. The industry is full of opportunities to showcase unique designs and new approaches to watchmaking, but too often the end product falls short. Timeless Watch has embarked on the journey of reinventing the wheel, as they say, with its first watch. And I think the collective confidence of the brains behind the new watchmaking house has found its winning formula.

Timeless Watch is made up of industrial designers, watchmakers and architects. With different areas of expertise and thinking, the paradox of creating a harmonious product that balanced the key elements of the versatile team was carried: past meeting present, meeting present future.

Drawing inspiration from a multitude of design cultures across the centuries, Timeless Watch has blended the worlds of industrial revolution impressions with the rationalization of the early 20th century, from particle colliders to explorers of Mars. Throughout the piece are clues of design inspiration in the form of curves and textures, elements of depth and powerful forms. Details adorn the piece throughout, balancing simplicity with complexity, innovation with tradition.

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Timeless Watch has released two distinct models, each piece referencing the brand’s ideologies and modernist approach. Both models will feature circular satin, sandblasted and polished details throughout the 41.50mm case with beautiful architectural steel and gold lugs. Domed sapphire crystal covers the circular satin anthracite or matt white dial depending on the model you choose, both with a guilloché center and a window exposing some of the Swiss-made automatic caliber’s gears beneath the central stack of hands.

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Timeless Watch has produced a truly unique timepiece, marrying the worlds of art-deco and industrial design in an ultra-avant-garde and modern watch whose design always pays homage to the generational design aspects of watchmaking.

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