Overview of the Omega Speedmaster World Cup… A Snoopy and an adventurer make the final…

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Sensational. What a roller coaster. There have been more tug of war competitions in this World Cup than anyone saw coming. However, thanks to thousands of voters, our finalists are now locked, loaded and ready to launch. The Omega Speedmaster World Cup is only 7 days from its conclusion and we need YOU to help us pick a winner.

When this World Cup started, I had high hopes for the format. Sports tournaments are for me real annual highlights and, in the absence of Euro 2020, I wanted to create something similar but with watches. We went for Team Speedmasters, and what a choice it turned out to be!

We all had our favorites, but we weren’t necessarily able to defend them (in such a big competition a compromise is needed), and many of us encouraged ourselves to cheer on potential competitors from afar. The highlight of the contest for me so far has been the neck-and-neck battle between Bert and me in Quarter Final 4. This fight ended in a tie, so we put both watches in the semi-final. 2. You’ll find how they fared against the Ed Whites further down the page, but first…

Omega Speedmaster

Semi-final: like a dog with a bone …

Our sweet-scented, professionally pedicled chef has done it again. That’s right, RJ, the Prince of Pain, inflicted an unholy beating on tiny Michael. It was definitely more sickening to watch. The 2015 Snoopy took a quick lead, only for the Tintin to come back in response.

In the end, the incredible return of Tintin was Too good to be true. It seems that an overly agitated Hergé fan in Paris had a slightly nervous trigger finger and voted “accidentally” for Tintin more than 200 times …

… RJ is heading for the final…

After cleaning up this blatant fraud, the contest went much easier, but the dog never slowed down to its commendable pace. He rushes towards the finish line and leaves Tintin in its dust. This means Mikey Mike goes through the play-off for third place while RJ heads to the final, where he will face …

Omega Speedmaster Caliber 321

Semi-final two: Ed plays spoiler for dream air combat

With the 2015 Snoopy in the final, many neutrals were hoping the Snoopy III (backed by yours) would come out of the three-way contest which was Semi-Final 2. The resulting aerial combat would have been as interesting as it would have been. been exciting, but alas, this is not the case.

…Omega East get better…

The Snoopy III made pip the ST1 in second place in this group so it will fall in the third place qualifiers against Tintin. This competition will take place tomorrow morning. Make sure to log in to help Mike or me on the line.

The finale, however, will see Balazs take on our cruel but cuddly commander in a bitter showdown that pits two undeniably classic watches against each other. Of course, you can call the recency bias of two watches featured in the final being products of the past 5 years, but let’s be honest: Omega East improving, so it’s no surprise.

And after…

We will close the voting for the qualifiers for third place and the final on Friday 18e December at midnight CET. We will announce the winner on Saturday and then next Sunday we will be posting a commentary post in which all competitors will feast on the highs and lows of the inaugural Omega Speedmaster World Cup from their perspective.

Who will it be?

We need your votes. It would be great to see more (legal) votes cast in this final than ever before. Now is the time for you to crown your Speedy winner. Who will it be? The Silver Snoopy 45e Anniversary Watch 2015, or the glittering “Ed White” powered by 321 of 2020. Tune in tomorrow and Sunday to have your voice heard. Learn more about Omega here.

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