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I’m a self-diagnosed vintage watch nerd. You can only imagine the number of packages, packages and boxes that I have received over the years. What you can’t imagine is the creativity of some of the packaging that comes out of it. Watching collect is supposed to be fun, right? Well, some of the packaging techniques featured definitely prove it.

If you’ve ever spent over € 3k or € 5k on a watch, you can remember exactly how much time you spent looking at your new watch. I’m pretty sure you’ve spent the same amount of time studying every square inch of the packaging. Packaging comes in endless shapes, materials and sizes. The packaging becomes part of the story. It sets the scene, builds the story and prepares you for what is to come.

Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday Ultraman

Packaging art

If you buy a modern watch, you often get a big, heavy box. Or just a fantasy trying to emphasize the value and importance of the watch. It often includes a lot of handy extras like strap removers, screwdrivers, or other keepsakes. A nice special badge or commemorative plaque never hurts anyone. Also, in half a century, it might even become a fat-priced collector’s item. The packaging of the Omega Speedmaster SpeedyTuesday Ultraman is, for example, a true work of art which is undoubtedly a display object in many salons or studies.

… Entertaining rather than educational…

Well, buying a 50 year old vintage watch is another story. The original packaging is pretty much gone a long time ago and you only pay for the watch. But it still has to be packaged for delivery, right? So today we’re going to take a look at some entertaining rather than educational ways on how do not to wrap) your vintage watch if you plan to sell it and send it to a new owner.

Royal Oak Offshore

Online auctions

I buy most of my watches at online auctions. These watches originate from all over the world. This means that there are no standard rules for living. I have to be ready for anything. Many sellers have no understanding or respect for the fragility of the mechanical watches they have inherited or found. Either that or they don’t care about them anymore and just want to sell for a little bit of money. So, they pack them the same way. Without care or attention. And it really shows …

… A rather funny “homemade” packaging…

Oh you don’t know how sorry I am for not taking pictures of all the crazy deliveries I have ever unboxed. It wasn’t until a few fun “homemade” examples of packaging that unboxing vintage watches became an integral part of my shopping experience. In a moment, I think you will understand why …

Underwear Sleeve Packaging

I bought a pocket watch in Sweden last year. As I buy a lot of products from the Nordic countries, I can say that the sellers there are quite civilized. The packaging is really creative, but most of the time well protected. Thirty layers of bubble wrap and two full rolls of wasted tape are nothing unusual. In this particular case, I opened a bubble envelope and was greeted by the bag below.

This time I learned a little more than I maybe needed to know.

Well, you usually don’t get to see the seller. You don’t know how tall he / she is or how old he / she is. This time I learned a little more than I maybe needed to know. The XL sticker on the top is the real killer. I don’t know what you are thinking, but I would never pack anything I sell in a bag my underwear came in.

A watch layer packaging

I bought an old fashioned alarm clock for next to nothing on a local Czech auction portal. I loved the big numbers and was sure my wife would love the yellow dial. By the time I paid for it, I forgot about it. That’s until he gets to my door. When I tore up the large cardboard box, a large, soft snowball rolled out of it.

Imagine the moment. I was horrified. Frozen in place, I wondered if I dared to open the bulging diaper as it rolled across the table in front of me, slowly coming to a threatening stop. “Now,” he seemed to be saying, “it’s time for us to meet…”

Come to think of it now, this is a pretty simple, ingenious, and creative way to use the things you have lying around. At the time, I was only hoping that the content would be different from the daily gifts my little girl leaves us. Fortunately, on this occasion, the content was a sight to behold.

A stapler crucifixation

This is another model of genius that is repeated quite often. It works like that. You take a piece of paper, put a watch on it, and then cover it with another piece of paper. Then you take a stapler and start rolling around the edges. The best of the bestsellers doesn’t shy away from throwing a few snaps right through the bracelet. I don’t know why they’re doing this, maybe they just want to fix it better. To me, using a stapler shows the highest level of ignorance and frivolity. Below you can see a nice example of what I mean.

Candy boxes

Really popular among sellers who like to ship a watch without a strap. The smaller and tighter the tin, the better. Some geniuses don’t even bother to line it up with a little foam or foil. They probably think the watch that hits the pewter walls is not that bad as the watch that doesn’t have room to breathe. Oh, and I almost forgot. Metal boxes are the best!

Envelope dangers

The type of packaging that can break your brain. I really struggle to find polite and publishable words to describe sellers who simply put the delicate mechanical watch in a thin paper envelope with no protection around the watch. Yes, you heard me right. I don’t know how many years you must be in the watch collecting game to meet this, but if you haven’t encountered it yourself, you should be afraid. Sooner or later it will happen. Or it doesn’t happen at all, as the watch can easily slip out of the torn casing due to sharp lugs.

It almost happened to me once. But an insightful post officer saw what was going on and spent time pasting the envelope so the watch wouldn’t get lost. Ask around, you will surely find a few collectors who only received envelopes.

Do you have your own crazy experience with watch packaging? Share with us in the comments or send a photo to [email protected]

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