Podcast – 2020 holiday guide and our favorite bracelets

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Balazs and Mike keep their promise to come back frequently! In this episode, we give recommendations for the upcoming holiday season and then we talk about our favorite bracelets.

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The “Handgelenk Kontrolle”

First of all it’s a “Handgelenk Kontrolle” and Mike is wearing a vintage Meylan Chronograph while Balazs carries his Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical with a Kill Hubris NATO.

Oris BCBFW Wristshots.008

The “Fratelloris”

Then we are talking about the date “Fratelloris” Fratello x Oris Big Crown Bronze Pointer which is now in our shop!

Fathers Day

Our vacation choices for 2020 are affordable!

Then, for the holidays, we roll out some affordable recommendations:

  • T-shirts inspired by watches from Look at the thing
  • A book – “Retro Watches – The Modern Collector’s Guide
  • The 36mm Timex MK1 mechanical
  • the Bergeon 6767-F / S Spring Bar Tool
  • Zeiss Head Magnifier “Loupe L”
  • Forstner groups

Our favorite vintage bracelets

Next, we poetically talk about our favorite vintage bracelets.

And our most popular modern bracelets

Next, we move on to our favorite modern bracelets. As a result, we opted for some surprising models!

Omega Speedmaster Nixon Bracelet

Finally, we end with a few words on the 50th anniversary of the modern gold Speedmaster Apollo XI “Nixon BraceletAnd how Omega is on its way home with its newest clasps.

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