You don’t want to sleep on these 9 black Tudor berries

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The riddle that is the beloved Tudor Black Bay. Loved by many and admired by most, the Tudor Black Bay is one of the most affordable entry points into the world of Swiss mechanical watchmaking. Tudor’s affinity with the ocean dates back some sixty years, and this is reflected throughout Black Bay with its enlarged crown and snowflake-shaped hands.

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And while the Black Bay may have fallen out of the limelight, shaded by its brother Rolex, in my opinion the Tudor Black Bay offers tons of value for your money and is packed with quality, heritage and quality. reliability. and functionality. We’ve put together a list of our 10 favorite Tudor Black Bay models that you definitely want to consider if you’re looking for a solid Swiss-made timepiece that matches the reputation of being a versatile and complete watch. watch.

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Tudor Steel Black Bay

This is my favorite of all the Tudor Black Bay models. I love the contrast between the steel case and the bezel with the black dial subtly offset by touches of red. With a diameter of 41mm, the Tudor Black Bay Steel sits in exactly that sweet spot of being just the right size to be worn virtually anywhere and with anything.

It can be dressed up or down with a simple strap change (it’s also available on a steel strap or distressed leather strap), but I think it suits the army green fabric strap better. By far my favorite variation of the Tudor Black Bay, the Black Bay Steel is an ode to doing it simple and doing it right. Oh, and it has an internal COSC certified movement, so there’s that too.

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Tudor Black Bay GMT

The only “complicated” Black Bay on this list is the venerable Tudor Black Bay GMT. Recognizable by its Pepsi colored bezel and snowflake hands, the Black Bay GMT has all the telltale signs of being a traditional piece and Tudor heritage.

I particularly like the crisp look of the bezel which contrasts with the red GMT hand against the black dial. The Tudor Black Bay GMT is a triumph of quality, affordability and affordability. Tudor has really outdone itself with the Black Bay GMT.

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Tudor Black Bay fifty-eight

The Black Bay Fifty-Eight is Tudor’s version of the traditional vintage diver. The false patina adorns the bezel and the dial as well as touches of gold. I love the red triangle at the 12 o’clock position on the bezel which really hammers the idea that the Black Bay Fifty-Eight is inspired by diver’s watches from generations ago.

The Black Bay Fifty-Eight is smaller than the other pieces on this list, and with a diameter of 39mm it really matches the size that traditional diver’s watches of yesteryear were made. A fantastic piece that is relatively economical.

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Tudor Heritage Black Bay Two Tone

A two-tone Black Bay from Tudor, ugh! Wait, listen to me. Two-tone is all the rage at the moment, especially with the various Rolex GMT-Master II models and the Submariner models. Two-tone watches are back and they’re cool, once again!

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay Two-Tone features a cross between yellow gold and stainless steel and, I have to say, looks fantastic. I really like the subtlety of the case and the dial, but on the bracelet the gold really takes over the show and of course is the focal point that stands out. A Swiss-made two-tone watch that won’t break the bank? This is the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Two-Tone.

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Tudor Black Bay Dark

After the Tudor Black Bay Steel, the Black Bay Dark is my favorite of the Black Bay family. Entirely clad in black from the PVD steel case to the bracelet and dial, the Black Bay Dark is, well, dark. Subtle pops of color break up the monochrome color palette of the Black Bay Dark, with white luminescent material on the snowflake indexes and hands, while the addition of the red triangle at the 12 o’clock position and on the dial makes also good for adding color to Black Bay Dark.

I really like this piece as I like other all black watches. They are versatile, they can be dressed up or down, and they almost always fly under the radar. And it is still offered at a fairly affordable price.

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Tudor Black Bay Bronze

Tudor Black Bay Bronze heralds the era of bronze watches. Or is he welcoming the return of the Bronze Age? Either way, this is a really beautiful watch. Coated in 43mm of bronze, the Black Bay Bronze is adorned with details and finishes that wouldn’t be out of place on a watch that costs several times the asking price of Black Bay Bronze.

I really like the contrast of colors here, accentuated by the hour numerals, index hour markers and hands. It’s a really attractive watch to look at, the best part about the bronze case being that it will age differently from another Black Bay Bronze depending on what it is exposed to throughout its life.

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Tudor Black Bay S&G

With S&G for steel and gold, the Tudor Black Bay S&G is a nice little number that has all the attributes of a corporate watch with a much more luxurious and exclusive course. The Tudor Black Bay S&G has a pretty champagne-colored dial offset by a steel case, yellow gold bezel and matte black bezel cover.

Gold markings all over the dial and bezel accentuate the luxurious look of the Tudor Black Bay S&G, and although it is available on a two-tone steel and yellow gold strap, I believe the fabric strap pictured above is the best.

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Tudor Black Bay Red

I have unceremoniously called it the “Red” as a point of differentiation, but the Tudor Black Bay Red is one of the original contemporary models from Black Bay that heralded in the modern era of the famous diver’s watch.

It’s an all-encompassing watch. It’s intriguing, it’s versatile, and it goes with almost any outfit you can imagine wearing. It comes on a variety of bracelets in a variety of materials, but the riveted steel bracelet looks and feels the best. A modern classic if there ever was one.

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Tudor Black Bay Blue

Last, but not least, we have the Tudor Black Bay Blue. Like the Black Bay Red, the Black Bay Blue is one of the originals, and like the Black Bay Red, it showed the world the new direction Tudor is taking with its legendary dive watches.

He’s one of my favorite Tudors of all time. I love the subtle but daring look of the blue that blends into the black of the dial but stands out against the cool gray of the steel case. It is a fantastic watch not only for those looking to start their horological journey, but also for those looking to diversify their collection. All in all a really tough package to beat.

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